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New Rims

We got snazzy new wheels for the troop trailer. Thanks Troop Equipment Coordinator, Mr. Van Keuren! We're ready for our next campout - Camp Oyo and FeastFest Dec. 6!

Fall Court of Honor

We gathered in Fellowship Hall at AHUMC for the fall COH yesterday evening. Lots of merit badges given that were earned at summer camp, and lots of advancement.

Click here for more pictures.

Peterloon 2008

The weekend weather was great, and over 5000 scouts gathered at Camp Craig in Cincinnati. Troop 281 earned the coveted 3rd place finish in the troop competition, out of over 280 troops.

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Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Minn.

Here are a few of Dr. Reynold's pictures. Make sure and comment!

Cleaning up @ Camp Achewon 2008

Scouts and leaders, saws and sweat. What could go wrong?

Assistant scoutmasters having fun

Here are a couple of the assistant scoutmasters enjoying Lake Schott at Camp Friedlander during scout camp.

Yukon brings home the gear

Yukon safely moored back at Troop 281 H.Q.

Not quite a full load. Bringing it home was a milk run for The Mighty Yukon...

Chow line

no cuts

Line moves fast

Who's still out in the hot sun

Here's the reward

more camp photos

Working toward the honor troop award - gateway building

trash pickup


keep working

Camp photos

Here we come

Blob tag

I know you're behind me...

Two generations, together at camp

We all scream for ice cream

The troop earned an ice cream for cleaning up trash on the trail Too many choices

Look ma no hands
Mooseheads are happy now!
The scoutmaster pays the bill. Priceless!

Hatchet Throwing in the Native American Village

fun times, and no one lost a finger...

Merit Badges

Here's Matt on the archery range.

Here's Ashton at the Outdoor Skills area.


are some scouts on the COPE course, working together as a group to solve problems. They'll work on the low course, then move on to the high course (about twenty feet up).

Breakfast movie

Camp Freildlander -- Troop 281

Early Again-- First troop for breakfast

Here's Griswold! I didn't know he could fly!!!

Best Friends.

Mr. S I wrote a letter to my mom....

MMMM!!! Biscuits and Gravy! Hope there's seconds!!

This will get them out of their tents!!

Waiting for our turn

Contest -- going well!

Wednesday 25 June 2008 Camp Friedlander

Another great morning -- Camp Staff showed off their '80s wear for theme day. Scoutmaster looks good in pale yellow. Mr. S. got some more good news -- his best friend Griswold returned last night. Welcome back Griz! Waffles and schnouzer for breakfast -- yumm!

Ready for breakfast

Here's the troop on the wall in front of the dining hall. We're early today, and no one wants to play frisbee or anything before chow.

Mail Call! (no photo)

I wish I had my camera with me -- there were a bunch of happy scouts back at Lakeview when Mr. A delivered the mail. I saw Conner hugging a bag of homemade cookies.

Another great day at camp!

Around the campfire

Sometimes, at the end of the evening, the scouts and leaders sit around the campfire and just chill. Tonight it was a beautiful clear evening, cool enough for a campfire. As you can see, the scouts have made themselves a couch from some logs and mattresses.

Great fun!

Morning @ Lakeview Campsite

It's the morning of Tuesday, Day 3(ish). This picture is of the assembly at the campsite for our own personal flag raising, before we head out to the dining hall for the camp's flag raising ceremony.

All is well. The day is a sunny 70 degrees, and everyone had a good night's sleep. Grant had to go home this morning, since his temperature wouldn't go down, but he should be back soon.

The guys are all getting to know each other, and the classes are finally getting fun (first day is always dominated by safety discussions). It's great to be at camp!

Morning Meeting

Here we are at the morning staff meeting. The adults meet every morning to learn what's broken, what's going well, and any new happenings at camp.

Josh, pictured here, is the camp commissioner. This is his second year as commissioner., and most of the camp staff have been leaders at Camp Friedlander for many years. It's a great staff this year.

Summer Camp

(Hi mom. Having a great time. Wish you were here. Please send money.)

We're here at Camp Friedlander for the week of Summer Camp. So far, things are going well. Everyone has checked in, the new scouts are learning their way around, and the older scouts are meeting camp staff from years past. The thunderstorms last night largely passed us by, and it's a nice cool 70 degrees and the sun is shining. The 32 scouts and 5 adults from the troop are getting to know each other better.

We'll try to post daily.

the White Death

It hit fast and furious - the Great Snowstorm of '08. We got about 10" of the White Death in a 24 hour period starting last Friday afternoon. School was let out early, everything got cancelled for the weekend (luckily our campout isn't till next weekend!), and we hunckered down.

O well, I tried to make it sound really harsh. Today (Monday) it's the Big Melt, with temps in the 40's. We'll get to the 60's by Wed, and the White Death will be nothing but a legend that'll grow with time.

the new Troop 281 blog is here!

Hello, and thanks for visiting the new blog. We'll be posting stuff as often as we can, and hopefully we'll hear back from you int he Comments section.


Over the weekend, scouts attended their annual ski trip at Mad River Mountain. They stayed at a farm near the mountain and they enjoyed visiting the farm animals and eating delicious meals of pancakes, spaghetti, and biscuits and gravy.

Of course the scouts expected to have a good night’s sleep the first night, but some would have to wait until Saturday night for that because energy drinks dragged some scouts’ nights into the early morning.

On the mountain, the scouts snowboarded, skied, and even went tubing. Mad River has a plethora of slope difficulties from green circles to double black diamonds and terrain parks, so everyone can be at home. Nick B. even brought a video camera to record himself snow boarding.

Jack Van Keuren, Historian