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Frisbee Golf

This week we had a meeting at Woodland Mound park and played Frisbee golf.  There were also six Boards of Review, which is a lot.  The Frisbee golf was a lot of fun. There were eighteen holes.  If you don’t know what Frisbee golf is, here is a quick rundown.  You try to throw a Frisbee into a basket in the least number of throws.   That’s the basics.  This was one of the best meetings of the year.

Joe S. Historian

Rafting and Duckies

On this campout we went white water rafting on the New River.   The rapids ranged from class one (easy) to class three (medium to hard).  We towed duckies, inflatable kayaks behind our rafts.  We had four rafts, and there was a guide in each raft.  We had lunch at a stop on the river.  There was a stone throwing contest.  The winners were Alex R. and Nathan H.  After lunch we went under a old railroad track to a waterfall.  You could stand behind the water fall.  It was an epic trip.

Joe S.  Historian
The recent (June 2011) issue of Boys Life (p.15) features the very section of the New River that we travelled.  We rode the pictured "Surpise Rapid."    (Ed.)

Knock Out

This week’s scout meeting was different from normal meetings.We did not have a skill session because Alex S. did not come; we played knock out the whole meeting.Coincidently, Alex S. showed up just in time for when we circled up at the end.

Joe S. Historian