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Special note to parents:

Dear parents,

It's awkward and embarrassing to write this (especially with egg on your face).
Worse still, when dealing with volunteers and other well meaning people, you can't fire them.

In spite of other earlier impressions you may have had, we, the leadership of 281 at Camp Friedlander, prefer parents do NOT visit camp to see their son until the Friday family night tomorrow. With a lot of new first year scouts, homesickness can be a problem.  (The malady can be contagious.)  Please be confident that we're handling all situations well and will contact parents as necessary.

If you ARE concerned please call:
  SM Dr. Reynolds - 513-659-5080
         Nick Rechtin - 513-673-7988
ASM John Neuhart - 513-658-0320

Thanks, we're having the best week ever.

Nick Rechtin

The Arrows Light the Way

Letters from camp:

Having a great time.  Got a new knife.  It's really cool.  Can't wait for you to come on Friday.  I wish you were here.   Miss you.  Love,
Ryan Z.

I'm Aiden and I like this camp - except for getting homesick.
Aiden V.

Morgan T.

I miss my mom and all my sisters.  My activities are going fine.  I'm almost a Tenderfoot,
John M.

Today has been a really fun day.  Today I caught a fish so I'm happy.
David D.

I miss you.  Bye.
Nate C.

I have a great time at camp.  Everything is fun.  There's so much to do.  People here are always nice.  It's probably one of the best camps ever.
Zane A.


(But check back regularly for the next few days.  I never know who's going to post something.  Ed.)
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It's Thursday already?  I think I'm going to …

Photos from Wednesday Evening

A few more photos here from Wednesday evening.

After dinner cleanup crew - they look awfully happy to be cleaning up.  Just like home!

The PLC hard at work at the Annual Planning Meeting:

Cool night shots back at camp:

You can't see it very well in the photo, but the little white wiggle is the International Space Station flying high over our campsite.  A few lucky Scouts spotted it.

 That's all for now...

Spitting Cobras Bare Their Fangs

Dear mom and dad, I'm having a great time.  Oliver would love it.  Wish you were here and everything would be better.  Thanks for the care package.  I love you.
Nate B.

Dear dad, I miss you so much.  I really wish you were here to see Friedlander.  Your chance is on Friday.
Eli B.

Miss you. Hope you all can come on Friday. Love,
Dylan D.

Hi, how are you doing?  Write something back.
Nick P.

I miss you.  How's my dog doing.  I hope you had a good week.
Dustin K.

Hey mom, I love you.  I got the letter.  It was cute.  I love the cookies.  I lost my Scout shirt but Nick P. found it.  He's very nice.  Are you picking me up on Friday?  Tell Willow I love her.  Pet her for me.  P.S. I love you.  I miss you.
Zane V.

I can't wait until Friday.
Kai P.


Dear readers,
You may find it interesting to look over last year's blog from camp. (Look for entries under June and July of 2010.)  As this year, oldest Scouts are in chrono order.  If you're a returning parent, y…

Photos From Camp

Our camp site in the morning.  A view of the lake.  The Blob.  Zach D. caught a turtle.  The photographer-historian is climbing the rock wall.
Joe S. Historian

Notes from ASM's

I learned how to play Koob today.
ASM Mike Handleton

Camp food is just as good as it's ever been.
ASM Jeff Dunham

Spitting Cobras and Arrows of Light will follow very soon - perhaps today.  Review ENTIRE blog. Things get updated periodically.

Also Check out this blog:

(Finally, things get very busy around here.  The editor and photographer are juggling a lot of stuff.  Thanks for your patience.)

Let's Hear from the Thrashing Sharks

Thanks for the care package. I'm having a great time. Thanks for the beef jerky.
Adam W.

Thanks for the package.  I'm having a lot of fun.  I like fishing but haven't caught anything yet.
Will S.

Thanks for the cookies. They were good.  Camp's really fun. I like climbing.
Joe S.

I would never like to come back [home] because camp is so much fun. Free swimming today!
Max B.

Ha, ha, you're NOT here!
Nate R.

I'm doing good.  Can you send something?
Michael G.

Hi.  I love you. Send me something good.
Zachery R.

I'm having fun at fishing.  I caught a fish and a turtle.
Zach D.

I need a pillow, some money - like $40.  See you Friday.
Max C.

Mom and dad, I'm having fun.  How are you doing in St. Thomas?
Justin H.

Hey, Slushies are good!
Nathan H.

Note to readers

The editor and photographer have both been very busy with personal matters in the last 24 hours. Tune in again tomorrow when we'll both be back on the beat. More neat things are coming.  Look for the Thrashing Sharks to write next.

Nick Rechtin and ASM Charley Todd.

Here's a couple of thoughts to tie you over and keep you amused until then:
 --- All copy and photo rights are available to anyone who doesn't want to profit from them.
 --- The first group pic from Sunday is a keeper. All campers are in it. And it may even be better than the "official" group photo which will cost you money.
 --- Click on that, or any picture, to enlarge.  Charley's got a good camera with great resolution.
 --- Comments are welcome.  Click on the comment link to add your two cents. (Caution: pseudonyms are recommended since anything you write will be searchable.  Consider something like "John's mother" or some other pen name.)

Greetings from Friedlander - Letters from camp

Arriving at Camp - we just got our medical forms turned in!

Orientation wasn't the most exciting...

Camping Is Great!

Friendly tent-mates   (MOMs, DON'T LOOK AT THIS ONE!)

Good friends and campsite:

Good fishing...


I'm having a great time at camp.  Food is wonderful but I don't have enough snacks. I miss my JAZ.
ASM John Neuhart

Mary, I miss you and love you.  See you soon.
ASM Charley Todd

The Arrows of Light and Spitting Cobras are continuing the Camp Friedlander tradition of dessert first.
Committee and Outdoor Coordinator Dave Moughton

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  I'm looking forward to a fantastic night of sleep.  [Ha, ha]
ASM Vic Black


Dear mom and dad,  I love and miss you very much.
SPL Alex S.

Everything's going good so far.  Can't wait to go climbing.  I miss Owen. I can't wait to see you on Friday.