Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Concert Color Guard

The Concert Color Guard

     This Saturday, the Cincinnati Pops orchestra had their first concert. As they have in the past, the Pops asked Troop 281 to provide the Color Guard for the opening flag ceremony. So a few hours before the start of the concert, three Scouts, two leaders, and one mom met at the church to practice the ceremony. They were Alexander S. (me), John M., Seamus G., Mr. Todd, Dr. Reynolds, and Alexander’s mom. For a while we practiced the ceremony and worked through the steps and details. Then it was time to leave the church.


     Since the concert would be at Riverbend, that was our destination. When we got there, we grabbed our things and headed to the backstage area. First thing, we were given instructions and were taken to the stage to practice. After we ran through it a few more times, we found ourselves with some spare time before the concert started. So, for about an hour, we sat at the air-conditioned patio, walked around, saw the dressing rooms where many famous people waited before performing, and other things. After that, it was time to make our way back to the stage and wait for the Pops to get started.


     Finally, they began the Star Spangled Banner, and the three of us marched to the center of the stage with the American Flag. We saluted and stared at the thousands of people in the audience, and they stared back at us. When the song was over, we quickly turned around and went back off stage. We had completed our task. And everyone survived.


     After the staff showed us where to go, we put the flag back in Mr. Todd’s car, Seamus’s dad picked him up to go home, and two Scouts and one Scoutmaster joined Dr. Reynolds and my mom at our seats. The seats were up at the front, and we had a great view of the show. The Pops played many great songs, and ended with the spectacular 1812 Overture (complete with cannon blasts). However, the show wasn’t quite over. The orchestra, after receiving a standing ovation and bowing a lot, went backstage, and the crowds went to the lawn… to see the fireworks. Yes, the concert ended with Rozzi Fireworks shooting a whole show off a barge. The fireworks were so close, some brightly colored flaming projectiles landed in the parking lots. It was a great night.


Thank you to the Pops for extending this wonderful opportunity to us!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Spring Court of Honor

Spring Court of Honor


     This Sunday, we held our annual Spring Court of Honor. We met at Moundview Park, in one of the shelters. After it was set up, we started the event by -you guessed it- eating. Parents, siblings, leaders, and then Scouts all lined up and feasted on a very large selection of food brought by the families. After (almost) everyone had finished eating, the rest of the COH started. First, we had a flag ceremony. Then there were a few special presentations. The three most recent Eagle Scouts (Ben M., Alex S., and Justin D.) were each given a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol the day of their Eagle Court of Honor. They were also awarded several other things for their accomplishments. After that, Mr. Marquez recognized the Committee members, and Mr. Todd recognized the ASMs. He awarded the newest one, Mr. Sievers, an official Moosehead hat. (It’s an inside thing.)


     Then it was time to swear in Seamus G. as the new Senior Patrol Leader. After he was sworn in, he called up those that he selected for his ASPLs, etc. to be sworn in as well. Mr. Todd had a Scoutmaster Minute, and gave Ben M. a gift for his service as SPL. It was a campaign hat that Ben liked. Mr. Todd gave Ryan Z. a Cheesehead hat for being Troop Guide. Then it was time for advancement.


     Mr. Smotherman awarded people the rank cards and merit badges they had earned. A ton of people received rank cards for Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, and Life. Then more people came up to be awarded with merit badges. Then the Court of Honor was over. People slowly made their way out, Scouts and leaders cleaned up, people chatted, and left as a thunderstorm rolled in.


Congratulations to all who received ranks and merit badges. Have a great summer!