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First, the news:

The adult staff thank you all for the goodies. Fortunately, we managed to save most of them from the raccoons.

Next thanks to all those who dared add their comments below. It's been fun to read them.

From MH Cinco:
You gotta try the "blob!"
Weather has been great the past wo days! I'mstill waiting to get some cookies. And a care package.
I miss all the Meese who aren't here...(tiny tear)
AKA John Neuhart

Letters Dear mom, I'm having a lot of fun at camp. My classes are really fun and I'm not spending too much money at the trading post. Matt G. Hey mom, I miss you. It's kinda been a dull summer without Justin. - And I'll use those exact words to persuade him to come back to Boy Scouts. Nathan M. Summer camp is dull without Justin. Blackberries around the camp make great fish bait. Sammy M. Camp is fun. Tell Jackson I said hi. Gunnar T. Dear mom and dad, I caught 26 fish. I caught a turtle snagged by the leg. I almost caught a huge catfish. (I actually s…

Tuesday at camp

Preaching to the choir?

Planning next year.
Listening and planning
Personal guidance
Fun and games
Dessert anyone?
What the heck?


First, the news:

Beautiful fog on Lake Marge - and in the Little Miami Valley.

Sun streaming (not steaming) through the trees. (Better than rain streaming.)

Scouts are doing an amazing job! "Boy Lead" is the way to go. This year is the best ever. You'd be proud. Haven't lost anyone yet.

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I love and miss everybody from home. Can't wait to see everybody and eat the good food. [What? Camp food is not good? ed.] Justin D.
Hi, I really miss you. I hope that you can send a letter back - or a picture. Elliott H.
I have three teachers in a row who are the same people. Bring money on Thursday! Andrew B.
Hello, Hope you're doing well. I'm doing well. It's really fun here. Send five dollars for bait. Love, Alex S.
Thanks for the brownies. [No further comment. ed.…

Check in day at Camp Friedlander

Gathering clouds as we pack the trailer for
our week at Camp Friedlander.

Jack V is on staff and is our guide for check in.

Walking tour of camp, with Andrew B. demonstrating a
new use for a trashbag.

The former SPL loses his now unofficial office patch.

Each meal involves singing and dancing.

The staff offers an inspiring opening campfire
as thunder rumbles in the distance.

The troop all gather under shelter to safely sit out a
long thunderstorm from 10 to midnight.

(A picture is worth a thousand words....)

Card games by lantern light pass the rainy time.

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Did I mention that it rained!

No one was lost. The only sniffling came from the adults.

See earlier post for pictures of the check-in day.

See for more camp-wide pictures.


I'm looking forward to my special gift this year.
SCORE: Scouts 1 - Moosewald 0
Alex R.

Friendly troop socialist here.
Having fun, not owning anything.
Noah R.

Mom, I forgot my retainer.
I'm looking for the cookies I'm going to get.
Joel N.

It's a little hot.
It's a little wet.
Avery R.

Hot and wet.
Brett C.

Send me a care package.
Get rid of the spiders.
Steve K.

I'm looking out for Trent.
It's fun.

Some thoughts as we begin at Friedlander

The following is the final song sung at the Friday night parents' night program. It is reproduced here for your personal reflection: [Ed.]

Scout Vesper
Tune: "Tannenbaum"

Softly falls the light of day, While our campfire fades away. Silently each scout should ask: "Have I done my daily task? Have I kept my honor bright? Can I guiltless sleep tonight? Have I done and have I dared Everything to be prepared.?"

Listen Lord, oh listen Lord, As I whisper soft and low, Bless my Mom and bless my Dad, There is something they should know. I have kept my honor bright. The Oath and Law has been my guide. Mom and Dad, this you should know, Deep in my heart I love you so.

CAMP FRIEDLANDER BLOG June 27 – July 2, 2010

Hello parents and friends of Troop 281.

The first entry for this blog will be Monday morning June 28. Postings should be made daily by 11:00 AM. (We'll be camping at the "Lakeview" site on the East [top of map] shore of Lake Marge.)

For additional photos and items of interest for this week of camp, check out the Camp Friendlander blog daily:

Nick Rechtin, Editor

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