Saturday, July 2, 2011

Footnote to Camp Friedlander 2011

Dear parents,

Almost all major "stolen" items have been accounted for.  (Including the missing handbook)

Still not accounted for are a knife and a backpack.

Also unaccounted are some "stolen" underwear and socks.  Parents be on alert.  Apparently the same thief keeps returning to Lakeview the last week of June.  Reportedly it was someone in a brown shirt.  Be on the lookout.

We also have a few other leftover items.  We'll be in contact.

Nick Rechtin Editor

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Final (?) Letter from Camp Friedlander

Dear parents,

1. If you feel you're missing something from this blog, it helps to know that "Blogger" defaults to the current month.  In this case, July.  To see earlier entries use the menu at the right to find entries for June 2011.  (Or any other piece of history.)

2. I've heard that there may be additional postings following this one. Check again on Saturday.  This may be a good time to review the blog with your son.  Remember, HE has not seen it yet.  He'll have some stories to tell.   And speaking of stories, consider this...

3. After six years of personal first-hand experience,  my most striking take away from this year will be experiences with the large number of new first-year campers.  As a conversation starter try this:  What advice would YOU, as a returning camper, give to next year's new scouts?  Consider topics like homesickness, advancement, meals, etc. etc.  [Such an approach would validate your son's experience and make him an "expert" on the subject while setting him up for more growth.]

4. See you at 5 PM.  Scouts will be moving to the Dining Hall at that time.  Camp is then fully open for visiting.  Please don't come to our campsite until your son brings you there. (It's more fun that way.)  (You can always call us if we don't connect.  ASM Dave Moughton 513-373-3503;  ASM John Neuhart 513-658-0320; or Editor Nick Rechtin 513-673-7988.)

5. Dinner - after 5PM. You may buy camp food or picnic in the dining hall.  (Picnics recommended.)
    Flag lowering  - 8:45 parade field
    Campfire - 9:00 at amphitheatre
    After campfire ---- GO HOME!

Campfire is a lot of fun and includes:  awards, skits, Order of the Arrow call-out, and more.


After six or seven years, finding something to do during the last week of June will be different.
It's been a heck of a ride.  Time for you to step forward and don't miss the fun.  Your troop and your boy needs you.  It's a challenge, occasionally heartbreaking, but always rewarding.

Nick Rechtin,  Editor