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Survivor Campout

 We had many advancements and one new scout on this campout of greatly mixed weather. In survivor Light, Many scouts advanced a rank and some. The night of our arrival at Achewon, It rained like crazy and nobody wanted to leave their tents. They were eventually coaxed out by the mouth-watering smell of breakfast on a warm fire. The weather of Saturday was a rather unpredictable rain, which no one was happy about. But we did get some stuff done. We had a fire building, wood cutting and first aid advancement station set up in on site. After dinner, We all sat around the fire until we could stand no longer. We woke up the next day to a surprising snowfall. After returning to the church, Some scouts  went to camp Micheals to get an orienteering requirement which I am pleased to announce they all earned.-Nate S. Historian