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Biking and Canoeing

This was the first campout of the scout year and was at Camp Achewon.  On the campout, we did some canoeing and biking, and we had the new scout induction ceremony.  During the day on Saturday, we rode in to the bike trail.  Once we were there, we rode our bikes about 8 miles to the canoe rental place.  We had lunch outside.  From there, we rode in cars up river and got into the canoes.  We canoed five miles down river badk to the canoe rental place.  Then we rode our bikes to the cars and went back to the camp.   That night we had the new scout induction ceremony.  In the ceremony the new scouts received their neckerchiefs.  The meeting Tuesday night was a game night.  We played three different games outside in front of the church.

Joe S. Historian

Learning To Canoe and Bike

In the meeting two weeks ago, we had a skill session on canoeing.  We had patrol corners to plan the camp out.  Then we played steal the bacon. The meeting closed with a Scoutmaster minute.   In the most recent meeting, there was a skill session on biking.  Nathan and Zachary R., who did the skill session, handed out free water bottles.  Then we played a traditional Scout game where you tried to steal tape from people's belts.  The winning patrol, the Thrashing Sharks got candy.   After the meeting was over grub masters turned in their menus to be reviewed, a new procedure.