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The Scouts Are at it Again!

After an eventful summer that included such memorable events as the Summer Camp at Friedlander and the 2010 National Scout Jamboree, the time had come for Troop 281 to begin another scouting year. The meeting started off on what could be said to be a bittersweet note, as several scouts had left the Troop over the summer for various reasons, but with the newer scout patrols still having many of the scouts who had formed them there doesn't appear to be any omen of low attendance for Troop 281's future.

Tonight also marked the start of Alex Rye's term as SPL, to which he quickly started to perform his job by having all the scouts overcome their inability to grasp advanced geometric shapes and form a half...something out of the benches for a presentation. After some technical difficulties (question: how many scouters does it take to fix a malfunctioning slideshow projector? Answer: at least five) Alex got the ball rolling by breaking down the schedule for the year to come. One …