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This past weekend was a very fun campout. It all started when the  first car arrived a bit after 5. From there the mystery began. It began with a mysteriously dark drive that ended at Camp Birch. Getting out of the vehicles, the Youth Staff led us on a " Wild Goose Chase". We hiked to our campsite with no gear from the trailer. We were told that we would be sleeping with only what we had with us!  Later, the Youth Staff led us to our correct campsite that had the trailer and three cabins as well. We set up and had a great night of sleep. For this weekend we were split up into two teams, which were purple and orange. The day would be a competition. We woke up to a cold drizzle that would change to a hard rain, then drop a heavy dusting of snow. The weather didn't keep us from hiking in the beautiful Clifton gorge. The gorge has a fast river full of rapids running through it. Our hike was a full five miles and pretty muddy. A Capture the Flag game followed back at camp, wh…

Troop History Meeting

Hello all, My name is Hunter and I am the new Historian of Troop 281. 
Tonight was an incredible meeting. It was comprised of planning for the upcoming Mystery campout, a great presentation of Troop 281 history, provided by Mr. Siebenburgen. We learned 281 was originally chartered with AHUMC, but under the name of Forestville Methodist Episcopal Church.  Thank you Mr. Siebenburgen!!
Join us at next week's meeting for a robotics demonstration.  Until next time,  Thank you for reading the Troop 281 blog.