Saturday, October 13, 2018

Troop 281 Pig Roast/New Scout Induction

Troop 281 had their annual Pig Roast/New Scout Induction Campout on the weekend of September 15th. The campout was well attended with 37 Scouts! The original plan was to have the campout at Camp Achewon, but due to rain and bad weather it was moved to Friedlander. Mr. Goodfellow and Mr. D'Wolf spent over 7 hours preparing the pig for our feast. During dinner the Court of Honor was held, and scouts shared summer camp and Sea Base memories by watching slideshows of their experiences. After the Court of Honor, the New Scout Induction ceremony was held. Five new scouts from the Maniac Monkey Patrol were welcomed into the troop.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Tuesday May 1st, 2018 Outdoor Sports Meeting

Last week we had our outdoor games meeting, and it was very much fun. We had two choices of games to play. Those consisted of cornhole and football on the front lawn. In cornhole it was some competetive, and some not. In football it was a ton of fun. The final score was 49-63. There were some absolutely amazing plays. Such as my interception, Brendan Haught's hail mary touchdown throw to Ben Reichard, and Eli Stelter's 2 touchdown catches. I would also like to congratulate our newly elected SPL Aidan Hickey. He will take over at our spring court of honor upcoming.

Until next time,
Hunter Melton Troop 281 historian.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Eagle Court of Honor

This past Sunday, April 29th, we had our yearly Eagle Scout court of honor. This year it was featuring 3 of our scouts, two from the crew and one from the troop. Alexander Smith made a gaga ball pit for New Horizons Church and did well on it. Max Brodbeck did a fantastic job tearing out an old chain link fence and replacing it with a beautiful split rail wood fence. Matt Blaine did a great job when making tables and benches for an outdoor classroom at a non-profit organization. We would also like to thank Mr. Beilter and Mr. Wafford for presenting the Eagle Scouts with certificates from the Submarine US Veterans Association. Congratulations to all three scouts.

Hunter Melton,
Troop 281 Historian

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Shooting Campout

This campout started out great. Warm 76 degrees, sunny, and DRY. We met at the lockup just as we always do, but the scouts were joyed with the good weather. While some were finishing their dinner, others were loading chest full of ice and getting ready to load the trailer. Thanks to Bryan Creelman, we made quick work of loading the trailer and a few other vehicles. We then departed for camp Friedlander, where campsite Kroger was awaiting out arrival. We setup camp, some in tents and others in the two cabins that were in Kroger. That night there was an opening meeting that we attended to kickoff the official campout. There were 8 or 9 troops in attendance at the camporee. After the meeting we went back to camp and we went to bed, only to wake up to a beautiful morning. It was around 70 degrees, semi-cloudy, but a storm was brewing. We then shot BB gun, Slingshot with Lima beans, archery, 3D archery at fake animal decoys in the woods by the archery range, .22 rifle, 20 gauge shotgun, paintball, and threw tomahawk. During lunch in between the shooting, there was a Civil War reanactment that came out and taught us about the different guns and even a cannon! (Pictures and videos on Facebook) Luckily the rain held off for us. It finally started to rain about 10PM and didnt stop until after we departed after the campout. The night ended in a closing campfire. There were several awards given out. Eli Stelter (11) won 2nd place in the youngest age group, Ben Reichardt (15) " Richard" won 3rd place in the 15 year old age group, and I won 2nd in my age group(15)"Meltor". Overall we had a great weekend.

I would like to say this weekend we had a few funny names made.
Mr. "McCowan" (McOwen)
Hunter "Meltor" (hunter melton)
Ben "Richard" (Ben Reichard)

Pure awesomeness. Feel free to use their new nicknames.(PLEASE DO)

Until next time, thankyou for reading,
Hunter Meltor Troop Historian

Troop Meeting Easter Egg Hunt

This past Tuesday was our first ever Easter egg hunt. While it was a chaotic dash for eggs all over the church, it was a ton of fun and the scouts thoroughly enjoyed it.They were going upstairs, downstairs, left and right. The eggs were EVERYWHERE! Great job to all of the scouts who hid the eggs, they did a fantastic job!! We would also like to thank all scouts who brought in candy and eggs, it made this egg hunt work. Until next time, thank you for reading.

Hunter Melton Troop Historian

Sunday, February 18, 2018

This past weekend was a very fun campout. It all started when the  first car arrived a bit after 5. From there the mystery began. It began with a mysteriously dark drive that ended at Camp Birch. Getting out of the vehicles, the Youth Staff led us on a " Wild Goose Chase". We hiked to our campsite with no gear from the trailer. We were told that we would be sleeping with only what we had with us!  Later, the Youth Staff led us to our correct campsite that had the trailer and three cabins as well. We set up and had a great night of sleep. For this weekend we were split up into two teams, which were purple and orange. The day would be a competition. We woke up to a cold drizzle that would change to a hard rain, then drop a heavy dusting of snow. The weather didn't keep us from hiking in the beautiful Clifton gorge. The gorge has a fast river full of rapids running through it. Our hike was a full five miles and pretty muddy. A Capture the Flag game followed back at camp, where the Purple team won both games.  The next morning we packed up and drove to Clifton Mill, and we were there when it opened. We had a great breakfast, the pancakes were as big as DINNER PLATES. Overall was a great time. We thank the adults for coming along on the ride.

Troop History Meeting

Hello all,
My name is Hunter and I am the new Historian of Troop 281. 

Tonight was an incredible meeting. It was comprised of planning for the upcoming Mystery campout, a great presentation of Troop 281 history, provided by Mr. Siebenburgen. We learned 281 was originally chartered with AHUMC, but under the name of Forestville Methodist Episcopal Church. 
Thank you Mr. Siebenburgen!!

Join us at next week's meeting for a robotics demonstration. 
Until next time, 
Thank you for reading the Troop 281 blog.