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The Lock In

This week we had a Scout meeting, and an overnight.  For the overnight we had a lock in at the YMCA. We played lots of dodgeball and stayed up all night.

At the meeting it was movie night, and we watched Balto.  Balto is a movie about a dog in Nome, Alaska in 1925.  At first the children in Nome started getting sick.  Then the hospital runs out of medicine. They send a dog team to get more medicine.  The dog team gets lost.  Balto comes and leads the dog team back to Nome. The dog team arrives in time and saves the children from the diseases.

Joe S.  Historian

The New Scouts

This Scout meeting was the first Scout meeting for the new Scouts, the Spitting Cobras and the Arrows of Light.  Ben M. did a wonderful skill session on lashings.  Although one person was not tuned in and didn’t know how to tie the lashing, so another scout had to teach him.

We played an awesome game of dodge ball this meeting. Alex R. said we were playing a game that rhymed with podge ball.  There was an increase of human riot shields; probably the shields were made of new Scouts.

Michael A. is now the seventh of our eight Eagle Scouts.

Joe S.,  Historian

The American Legion Visits

This scout meeting, Joe Baker from the American Legion came. The American Legion is a veterans group. He talked about being in the military and said that nothing super exciting happened while he was in the military. His Air Force base in Britain did go on high alert one time because the Black September group threatened to take a nuclear warhead. He also explained what the American Legion is.

The game we played this meeting was knock out. Knock out is a kind of basketball game. Two people are throwing balls trying to make a basket. If the second person shoots a hoop before the first person, the first person is out. On the other hand, if the first person makes a basket before the second person, he is safe and passes the ball to the next person in line. That person now becomes the second thrower and so on until there is only one person left. The game went as normal until the end where there was some extremely insane 1 on 1's going on.

Greg B., the next in a long line of Eagles, got his…