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Owls and Hawks and Flying Tennis Balls, Oh My!

At the most recent troop meeting, the scouts were treated to a little presentation by Raptor Inc., a non-profit company that rescues, rehabilitates, and educates about birds of prey. The presenters, who introduced themselves as Dan and Bob, talked about local birds of prey and allowed some preserved bird claws to be passed around in the seated scouts. Dan and Bob had also brought three birds that were considered “permanently injured,” or in other words had problems that would prevent them from being able to live properly, and so can not be released back into nature. In order of presentation, the birds Dan and Bob had brought were a Great Horned Owl, a tiny Eastern Screech Owl, and a feisty Red Tailed Hawk. The Great Horned Owl was reasonably behaved, but the Screech Owl made a small release of excess weight on the church floor, and the hawk constantly wanted to try taking off in flight as well as leaving some excess weight on the ground as well. Overall, the presentation was well rece…

Flying Eagles and Swim School

For this week’s Historian column, I will be covering two events: Zack Obbie’s Eagle Ceremony and the swim meet at Anderson High School’s indoor pool, as they both happened in the past week.

On Sunday, April 19th, a gathering of scouts, parents, and friends assembled the church’s Fellowship Hall to attend another Eagle Court, this time to grant Zack Obbie the revered, lofty rank of Eagle Scout. After Mr. McNeese welcomed all who had come and called the “Court” to order, Dillon Whitehead led the color guard to post the colors. The “Trail to Eagle”, a staple presentation of eagle ceremonies and courts of honor in the troop, explained each rank in detail ranging from the starting rank of Scout to Life Scout. When the Life Scout rank was done, the curtain on the stage rose to reveal a giant replica of the Eagle Scout medal, and present on the stage were three of Troop 281’s Eagle Scouts: Jason Whitehead, Chase Whitehead, and Mr. Siebenburgen, who spoke in turns while explaining what the Eag…

Meeting Synopsis for April 14

The troop meeting last week was focused on planning for the upcoming campout: Color War Rematch! The first Color War got rained out by an unending deluge of cold raindrops and was forced to end early on Saturday before some of the big competitions could occur. This time, however, when Senior Patrol Leader Will Carlson was asked if the gods wouldn’t rain on the parade this time for Color War, he said “I talked to them, and I think I got it sorted over,” so the weather should be better this time around. Then the scouts broke up into patrol corners and began planning what their menus would be on the campout. The Flaming Arrow patrol, being the newest scout patrol, did not plan a menu for some reason, but they say they will have a patrol meeting and will figure out their plans by the next meeting.

When preliminary plans for Color War were made, it was time for the game, which to everybody’s delight was the ever-popular Dodgeball! Judging by the mad scurry for the balls when the game star…

Playing in the Rain

At the latest Troop 281 meeting, the shirt to wear was not the usual tan color with too many pockets that is the usual dress code, but the Troop 281 logo shirt, or the "Class B" as it is known. The reason for the alternate dress was that the meeting was the "Outdoor Sports" meeting, where the focus was playing games outside. Apparently the heavens did not like that, and around the time the scouts finally got out to the front churchyard, the rain had started to pour. The scouts would not be deterred from their games, however, and split up into two groups based on height and age. The younger scouts were going to play football, and the older scouts at first played ultimate Frisbee, but later switched over to football as well. Eventually the rain got so heavy that all the scouts chose to go back in the church to do the non-active things in the meeting's agenda.

When the scouts had gotten back into their patrol positions, the new troop Committee Treasurer; Lynett…