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Rafting on the New River

We drove 4 hours and 49 minutes through the foggy Appalachian Mountains to get to New River Gorge, which was amazing to see, let alone raft on. One thing that wasn't so good about the time we arrived was that it was about 11 when we got there and we still had to set up tents. The next day we would find that it was all worth it. After breakfast, we suited up and boarded a bus to the launch site. We then pushed off the shore and our guide explained commands and classification of rapids. The first couple rapids were entertaining, but rather easy to conquer. Enter the class 3s and 5s. The rapids got way larger then they were in the early part of the trip and some brave souls decided to take a dip in the freezing water.It was so cold! When we first got into the water it felt like we were being stabbed by tons of small needles, but then we heated up a bit. After eating on a small beach, things started to get interesting. Our rafts fell off huge cliffs and smashed through giant waves. An…