Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gourmet Cooking

This week we planned for the feast fest camp out.  We had a skill session on cooking.  The cobbler that we made for the skill session couldn’t cook, because it was raining.  After the cobbler was made, Alex S. drank the left over condensed milk.  Then we planned for the camp out.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Winner

This meeting the winner of color wars was announced.  The winner is (drum roll) Phoenix.  The meeting was a game night, so we played board games.  There was also seven boards of review.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Color Wars

earned by competing in many events and challenges.  The first competition actually occurred at last Tuesday’s Scout meeting with a chariot race on chariots made with staves lashed together with ropes.  The meals, dinner and breakfast, are judged by the Youth Staff for points.  In the morning after breakfast, we had a flag ceremony then went to a round robin.  Four events make up the round robin: the web, the chariot race, puzzles, and a water relay.   Then after lunch, we had a “Minute to Win It Challenge” which consisted of challenges such as picking up pieces of pasta with a strand of spaghetti in your mouth.  The competition between Zach D. and Andrew B. was heated in the Oreo eating competition.  Andrew won with 11 Oreos consumed in one minute while Zach only had 7.  Later that afternoon we had a fire building competition, again the competition was fierce between the Thrashing Sharks and Phoenix Patrols.  When it came down to the last second the Thrashing Sharks barely escaped with their rope burning first.  After dinner, we performed skits and songs at a campfire and hide-and-go-seek.  In hide-and-go-seek, you have 15 minutes to hide all around the camp.  Then the Youth Staff searched for people.  When you were caught you could help search for people or go back and sit in the parade field.  For each person not found in the time limit for searching, points were awarded to the patrol.  After that, everybody went back to their camps except for the Thrashing Sharks because one of their members had not returned yet.  It took a bit, but eventually he came back out of the woods.  All these events are important to winning, but the main event is flag stealing.

Once you have stolen another patrol’s flag, you must take it to Youth Staff to get points.  When someone steals your flag, you can either tag the person who stole your flag and they have to give it back or you can beat the thief to Youth staff and they have to give it back.  Otherwise, the person who stole the flag will deliver it to Youth Staff and be awarded points for their patrol.  You have to hide your flag outside your campsite and you cannot hide it in tents.  You were allowed to have decoy flags and booby traps.  The Spitting Cobras and Arrow of Light patrols hid their flags in places that were very hard to find them.  The Thrashing Sharks just sat theirs next to their gateway and posted a guard most of the time.  Flag stealing went on from after the flag raising ceremony until after it was bed time.  Flag stealing was banned for an hour in the afternoon because of all the fighting going on.  The winner of Color Wars will be announced at this Tuesday’s meeting.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This week we had an interesting Scout meeting.  We had a skill session on cooking.  Then we cooked some food.  Nathan H. did a good job on the skill session.  For the game we were going to play dodge ball, but we could not find the net.  Instead we played swing the thing.  I was disappointed, because our troop hasn’t played dodge ball in a long time.