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Board Game Night (12/1/15)

This meeting was our board game night meeting. We started off like every other meeting, with the Pledge and announcements. Then we had a special presentation led by Mr Todd. It was about what Scouts look like to the world and the trust that we carry around. Then came the board game night. It was a simple idea, bring a board game and play it. This was also the time when we packed the trailer for the upcoming campout. After a while, the board games came to an end, we circled up, and went home.

Something to tweet about! (11/24/15)

This weeks meeting was "eggcelent".  We learned about Ornithology... aka birding. Before we got to that, we started like every other meeting, with us getting there and having announcements. After that we did some campout planning, for the most awesome Feast Fest at Camp Oyo. Then we went to the presentation about the art of birding (it sounds cooler if you imagine a french person saying it, "Ze art of birding") It was lead by Mr Mays, and he told us about the types of birds and how to identify them. Then we went inside to circle up and we left.