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Final Friday

Fuel Up for the long final day ahead
Chow Line
It's been a long week

It's such a long wait until breakfast
Service Project . . . without any service volunteers!

Cory's big catch for the Thursday evening fishing contest. Ace assistant Nathan squirts water on the fish to keep it alive while they run around the lake so the judges can evaluate the catch. As it's a "catch and release" lake, they must then release the "live" fish back into the lake!
Firestarters: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
Brandon working his way through the course
Dante working the ropes

Summer camp essentials

Two essential red liquids. Bug juice and hot sauce. Note the bug juice is made thin so there will be enough for everyone.


I can't believe it's this awesome!! Who's behind it? They must be wizards.

Wake up Joel!!

Why is this line always so long?

Meanwhile in the parking lot...

The Mighty Yukon waits for a trailer hauling mission on Sat.


We waited and waited and finally it was served.....Mystery Meat!! It met all the specs: round, brown and source unidentified. Mr. Jar called it "meat loaf" but I think he has to.....
And here's how you fix it!! A SPAM single and some hot sauce!

Moosewold found!

Moosewold turned up missing; the SM was very worried there had been a Moose-napping. Turns out the ol' Moose in the hammock was just being patriotic -- the color guard found him on the flagpole!!!

Letters to Home

Greeting from the Flaming Arrow Patrol:

Dear Mom and Dad,
I hope you're having a good time. I really miss you and I hope Katherine is having a good time too.
Matt, G.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I had a great time at Summer Camp. I appreciate the packages you sent. I hope Iris and Boomer are doing great.
Nathan M.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thanks for the stuff you gave me. I'm having fun at summer camp.
Luke H.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thanks for all the cards you sent. I can't wait to see you on Friday.
Nick C.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I'm having a great time at camp but I'm running out of money. Also my fishing pole broke.
Gunner T.

Dear Mom and Dad,
I've been having a fun time at camp. Yesterday I hurt my knee. Dr. Reynolds looked at it and gave me an ice pack. I got a ride back to camp on the Medic's golf cart. I'm doing better today.
Sam M.

Dear Mom and Hanna,
Thank you for sending me a letter. I'm having fun at camp and can't wait to get home.
Justin K.

Other Letters:

Hi to all pa…

Letters to Home

From the Falcons,

"Thanks for the Cards. I can't wait to see you on Friday."- Ben M.

"The weather is good. I shared the food with everyone. I already earned the fingerprinting merit badge in 20 minutes."- Andrew B.

"This camp is really fun!"- Vince S.

"I miss you and thanks for the package."- Sam L.

Dear Mom,
"I really miss you, but we're having a great time at camp. Thank you for the package and i hope to see you soon."- Alex S.

"Hi everyone. I got your letter. I can't wait to see you on Friday."- Justin D.

"Hi Mom and Dad,
My backpack is ripped on the bottom and I need a new one."- Ross K.
[Editor's Note: I brought him a replacement to get through the week- Dan]

"Hi Mom,
I'm having a lot of fun playing with everybody and the cards don't work very well. They have seven extras (grace cards). I hope to see you soon."- Elliot H.

Burning the candle at both ends . . . SM24 strikes again . . . Hey Doc, got anything for "Red Eye"?

Nick, Luke, Justin, and Nathan in the Small Boat class.

Lots of hooks . . . not too many nibbles.

They are NOT playing La Crosse. The Ecology Class is hunting for turtles.

Dante and Brandon COPE with the rope training

Troop 281 Color Guard honored with the Flag Lowering tonight.

A surprise visit from Charlie and Mary for Gunnar's birthday Wed Nite!

It rained last night. It rained this morning. Our spirits are not dampened. The sun has come out for lunch.

Letters to Home- Tuesday 6-30-09

From the Kodiaks:

"Tell James not to play with our Playstation 3 for more than 3 hours" - Johnathon

"Mom, I'm OK. Don't worry about it. Oh, and by the way, I made a catapult in my tent" - Grant

"Mom, I haven't found anything I needed. I'm having a good time, and SCUBA is tonight" - Adam

"I'm dead! Just kidding" - Alex