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Color Wars 2013

At most of the Troop's favorite campout this year we had a complete blast! For those who don't know what color wars is (Or forgot) here is a refresher. Color Wars is a competition held at our camp, Achewon, In which the patrol compete in a series of events including the cooking competiion, gateway competition and campwide hide and go seek game. At the end of the campout, Each patrol's points are added up and whoever has the highest amount of points wins the Patrol Cup. This Years winner was the (Drumroll Please) Thrashing Sharks Patrol. And let's not forget the new Serpents Patrol campsite which had been abandoned since the fall of the Moose Patrol and was also the first Campsite ever built when our camp was originally built. So I think I speak for all that (Other than a bit of rain) the campout was perfect.