Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Trivia

A surprise visit Monday night from Magilla Gorilla (with his friend Nathan Millette)

Flag Raising at Lakeview Campsite

Morning Chapel with "Pastor Mike" from Troop 200, Cleves, Ohio

Clay Pigeon shoot on the Shotgun Range

.22 caliber bolt action rifle

Will and Greg, budding artists at the Handicraft Class

Trailblazer Class for young scouts: the Flaming Arrow Patrol

Young Brit gets NO respect from his comrads.

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Freidlander Breakfast

The chow hall seems crowded and chaotic -- it is!

This is one of my favorite breakfasts -- the meal where everything is in disk form!

(non-disk shaped banana was optional)

Tents ready for inspection

Normal Scout tent!
Best tent I saw this morning! BZ!

A Letter From Friedlanda'

Hello mudda, hello fadda -

Here I am at Camp Friedlanda -
Camp is very entertaining,
And they say we'll have some fun
When it STARTS raining!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Fun-Day!

(click on pictures to enlarge)

Good Morning Friedlander- The calm before the storm

Happy Flaming Arrows- They have no idea of the LONG DAY that awaits them!

Here's a visitor to camp

There's a lot of card playing between merit badge classes

The Griswold is out . . . The Moosewold is in!

Noah's been working out!

Bring on the Tartar Sauce and fire up the grill!

Today was a very pleasant day at camp. Nice breeze all day, no rain, and lots of fun. Our scouts were working hard on their merit badges today.

Today we are featuring the Viking Patrol. A few members have sent home messages:

Jack:- "Hey Mom, Send $$$"

Brandon:- "COPE was fun"

Dante:- "OA Trail = PAIN!"

Brent:- "Dad, pick up my tab at the Trading Post"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day One at Camp Friedlander

Moosehead 1 points the way . . . and the adventure begins

Team Photo

Conga Line unloading the luggage

Trading Wampum at the Trading Post

Hey Steven, can I have my Trading Post money back.

Alex reads from the Chuck Norris Joke Book

Troop 281 met today at Anderson Hills United Methodist Church at 1:00 PM. Moosehead 1, aka Bill Ossman had the trailer already in place behind the TMY (The Mighty Yukon). After roll call, the troop embarked on this newest adventure. We parked in the "overflow" parking area. The camp committee delivered our trailer to our campsite, "Lakeview" while we checked in. We were then led by our guide to a 2 1/2 hour tour of Camp Friedlander and all it's nooks & crannies. At 4:30 we were finally released to Lakeview . . . to begin setting up camp. The troop set up a Conga Line and all the dry goods were passed down the line from the trailer to the camp shelter. We then paired up to our tents (already erected) and cots.

5:45 PM began the flag lowering and introduction by our "guides", a fine group of Venture Scouts (in green uniforms). There was a long line at both ends of the mess hall for dinner, but all had been consumed by about 6:45. Tonight there is a chapel service at 7:30 PM and a large group campfire at 9:00.

Tomorrow morning the real work begins.

More to come,
Dan Katt
Chaplain and happy blogger

Monday, June 8, 2009

East Fork Lake Adventure

We had a great weekend of boating, birthdays, biking, and small run-ins with camp security. We had many people contribute their boats, including three big power boats from Mr. Neuhart, Mr. Carlson, and Mr. Rye. Brett Carwile, Andrew and Vic Black, and myself went off to ride bikes on the East Fork mountain bike trails on the south side of the lake. The day finished with a showing of the movie, "Happy Feet" at the camp's outdoor movie theater, but most of us left early to enjoy Mr. Siebenburgen' freshly-baked cobblers.
The next day, before departing, we cleaned up the beach as a troop service project.

Nick Burnley

Monday, June 1, 2009

Planning for the Future

At the latest troop meeting, the main focus was on planning the next campout, the Water Sports campout. So, the first half of the meeting was pretty much the individual patrols planning their menus and deciding what gear they need to bring. Patrol Leader elections were held after the menus were decided, and after all patrols had voted for their candidates (or in the case of the Hurricanes, simply usher in the guy who volunteered for the job, that guy being Greg Brinkman), the scouts fell back in to get the results. The game of the meeting was the ever-insane classic, Spud! However, before long, the scouts abandoned the indoor game in favor of playing outside, and so the game was changed to Ultimate Frisbee. When it was time to fall in, Scoutmaster Dr. Reynolds had everybody gather outside, more specifically at the flagpole that had been Dillon Whitehead’s Eagle Project – a change of pace from the usual indoor procedure in order to honor the incumbent Eagle Scout. Otherwise the troop closed the meeting in the traditional clasped-hands circle like always.

While not part of any activity scheduled by the troop itself, Dr. Reynolds and four other scouts: Avery Reynolds, Jack VanKeuren, Greg Brinkman, and I acted as a color guard in the memorial service for the late Mr. Wayne E. Baughman. His widow, Linda Baughman, could not get the pastor of the service to allow a full military color guard in the memorial service (Mr. Baughman had served in the Air Force), so the scouts performed one instead, as Mr. Baughman had also served the Boy Scouts for about 52 years.

Ben Hallenbeck, Troop Historian