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Feast Fest!!! (12/4/15-12/6/15)

This campout was the annual feast  fest. It started off like every other campout. We got to the annex at 5, we packed our gear and we left. But once we got on the road, it was a completely different campout. See, most campouts we have a short car ride to the campsite, but not this campout. We were going to Camp Oyo, just outside of Portsmith Ohio. This meant a 2 hour long car trip. We stop at a gas station of course, but its still a very long car trip. Once we got to Oyo, we unpacked our stuff, set up patrol boxes, went into our cabins and fell asleep.

The next day we got up, and we had breakfast. We were supposed to have a mandatory hike, but it was changed to non mandatory during a PLC that was held Friday night. So we just kinda bummed around all day, some of us playing on the obstacle course, some of us getting in trouble and I really didn't know what the Serpents and Chimera were doing all day. Then we had the feast. This is when all of the patrols get together and they all m…