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Skis, Snowboards, and Torches

This week we had two events. We had a totally awesome skiing and snowboarding campout, and a scout meeting about hiking. On this campout we stayed in cabins. The cabins and the bunks are much nicer than tents and sleeping pads. The skiing and snowboarding were sort of hard. They had rails and half pipe. A few of the scouts got cabin fever and started wrestling with each other. Most of the scouts skied but a few of the older scouts snowboarded.

At the scout meeting we has a skill lesson on - yes, you guessed it - hiking. The only reason people paid attention was probably the candy being awarded for answering the sentences correctly.

We also had the Order of the Arrow "tap out." People who were in the Order of the Arrow stood in a circle inside of a circle in which everybody else stood. Then people with torches went around and "tapped" the people we elected.

Joe S. Historian

Skates, Brooms, and Balls

This meeting we went ice skating at the Northern Kentucky Ice Rink. We also played broomball there. Hockey practice was going on in the large rink so we skated in the smaller rink. We skated for half the time. Alex R. skated backwards and he was about as fast as a bulldozer! Mr. M was the only adult to who skated, but there weren’t enough broomsticks for the adults to play broomball.

Broomball is a lot like hockey, but you don’t wear any skates, and you use a giant foam ball instead of a puck. You hit the ball with a different kind of stick – it’s a lot like a lacrosse stick. The blue team totally destroyed the red team although the blue team was outnumbered three to one. When we left the rink to go home, we all were amazed at how much warmer it was outside than inside.

Jeo S. Historian

The Zoo

This week Adam from the Cincinnati Zoo came and brought animals. We had this instead of a skill session. He brought a screech owl, a three-banded armadillo, and a great horned owl. We got to pet the armadillo and it ran around in the room. It kept on going toward Ben M. Adam said that it was because his shoes smelled good.

Bret C. received his Eagle badge.

We played “doctor dodge ball.”

Joe S. Historian

Skiing, Snowboarding, and Arrows

This meeting we had Order Of The Arrow elections. Alex R. did a skill session on skiing; Grant K. did a skill session on snowboarding. We played spud for the game.

Joe S. Historian (with help from Will S. - Joe was ill.)