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Board Game Night (12/1/15)

This meeting was our board game night meeting. We started off like every other meeting, with the Pledge and announcements. Then we had a special presentation led by Mr Todd. It was about what Scouts look like to the world and the trust that we carry around. Then came the board game night. It was a simple idea, bring a board game and play it. This was also the time when we packed the trailer for the upcoming campout. After a while, the board games came to an end, we circled up, and went home.

Something to tweet about! (11/24/15)

This weeks meeting was "eggcelent".  We learned about Ornithology... aka birding. Before we got to that, we started like every other meeting, with us getting there and having announcements. After that we did some campout planning, for the most awesome Feast Fest at Camp Oyo. Then we went to the presentation about the art of birding (it sounds cooler if you imagine a french person saying it, "Ze art of birding") It was lead by Mr Mays, and he told us about the types of birds and how to identify them. Then we went inside to circle up and we left.

Troop Meeting for 11/17/15

Last week we had a dutch oven cook off. Two patrols participated, and my patrol, the Scorpions, was one of them. The rest of the patrols played dodge ball. I also heard that they planned for Feast Fest (the upcoming campout). My patrol made donuts, which turned out to be funnel cake balls. We then Americafied (my term for drowning them in powdered sugar) them and ate them. Let me tell you, there are good things and bad things about making donuts in a dutch oven; A good thing is you get donuts, a bad thing is the oil. I put in way too much oil, and that was bad. We had to wait at least 20 minutes for the oil to cool down, and then we could pour it into a tin and get rid of it. The other patrol in the cook off was the Serpents. After we were done with all of the baking and the cleaning the troop circled up and we went home.

Troop Meeting September 24th, 2015

This meeting sadly had no interesting theme to it. We arrived and did the pledge and had announcements. After that those who still had to plan out for the Camp-Out  went and planned out their meals and made the final decisions on who would be going or not. Then came requirement signing and trailer packing. Trailer packing only requires a few scouts, and requirement signing needs as many scouts as it can get, so they fit perfectly.Then came everybody's favorite, DOGE BALL!!! After we had enough of throwing balls at each-others faces like it was World War 3, announcements came and we circled up and left.

Court of Honor Summer 2015

This Sunday was our troop's annual Spring Court of Honor at Moundview Park, located in Newtown. It started off at around 5:00 when cars started to pull in the grass parking lot. These cars carried two things. Scouts (Fully dressed in class A) and FOOD. (Oh, and the wonderful parents who made the food). Then we got the show on the road.

 It started off with a welcoming by our SPL, Seamus G. That was followed by the presentation of the flags, and the pledge. After a prayer by Logan S,  my personal favorite part of the event came. WE GOT FREE FOOD!!. (You all probably saw that coming.). After that rat race was over, we all settled down for the presentations.

 First came the Recognition of Advancement. This recognized the Scouts who had advanced in ranks, and the scouts who had earned merit badges. Then we had some special presentations, some for adults, some for the Scouts. After that, we moved on to the most important part of the night.(No, its sadly not more free food.  The Inducti…

Caving Campout

Caving Campout
This month, the troop went to Indiana to go caving. After a quick assembly at the lockup (we were not taking the trailer or patrol boxes), we hopped into our cars to head to the Tunnel Mill Scout Reservation. It was about a 2 ½ hour drive, but we did make a stop along the way. There was a BP station with a convenience store and Subway, as well as a McDonald’s next door. To carloads of hungry Scouts this was quite appealing. It was also appealing to the adults, who needed to get some gas. So for a little while the members of the troop wandered around, buying snacks for the road, beef jerky to munch on, and food from the restaurants. Then, once every Scout had filed out of the buildings, arms filled with junk food galore, we continued on our journey to camp. Soon we found ourselves in Indiana, the sky dark, and the snacks dwindling. But not to fear, because we soon made it to Tunnel Mill.
When everyone hopped out of their cars, stories were told of the food, the rain and sn…

Fizz! Bubble! Boom! (Chemistry Night)

Snowmobiling Night

Winter Court of Honor

Leadership Skills, Caving Promo, and Dodgeball