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Meeting Synopsis for Feb. 24

Last week's meeting was a bit shorter than usual, and Greg Brinkman filled in for Senior Patrol Leader as Will Carlson was absent for the begining of the meeting. The Skill Session was led by Zack and was about how to choose and pack the right bag for backpacking, as that's the main theme of the next campout. He covered a lot of the necessary basics that I'm guessing a lot of people, myself included, needed a refresher course on, as it's been a while since the Troop has been backpacking. The game afterwards was "Crab Soccer", where the scouts form two teams and try to play soccer when everybody was in the 'crab' position. The resulting but typical chaos that followed had both sides bend the rules a little, and some people went a bit further.

Sleeping Bag Update: Mr. Adkerson has found his sleeping bag in his garage, so call off the dogs.

Ben Hallenbeck, Troop Historian