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Summer Camp Day Five

Hot Hot Hot is the word!  The temperatures have made camping conditions quite challenging.  We are coping... some better than others, but everyone is still here and healthy.  A few scouts have become overheated because they weren't drinking enough water, but recovered nicely with a cool towel, water, and fans.  Everyone was very greatful to Mr. Zink when he brought in a cooler full of ice and gateraide.  Our troop exceeded our goal of eight scoutmaster conferences and was rewarded with pizza, cold drinks, and ice cream for lunch today. 
After lunch, the scouts worked on cleaning up camp and packing their personal gear, and keeping hydrated.  Fishing and card games continue to be popular activities between merit badge classes.  Everyone is looking forward to seeing their parents this evening!

Summer Camp Day Four

A HOT day at camp today! The temp is 98 and still climbing. The cool camp breeze off the lake mentioned yesterday is now a hot breeze:) So far, we have not seen any adverse impact from the heat. Fortunately, Friedlander is full of shade trees, and the humidity is low coupled with a steady breeze. Water is available at all merit badge classes, and there is air conditioning in the dining hall and trading post. Slushies and ice cream are hot selling items at the trading post today. Last night, there was a lot of advancement work completed. We have 6 scouts ready for their rank advancement board of review and several more that will be completing tonight. We ate in camp last night instead of the dining hall. We missed our patrol boxes, but the chicken and salad sure tasted always tastes better in the woods! The patrol leader council set a goal to have 8 advancements to be rewarded with a pizza party for lunch tomorrow... its looking like we will reach that goal. Mail…

Summer Camp Day Three

We past the half-way point in summer camp. New scout parents will be happy to know that there has been some home-sickness, but less than usual... and nothing that we couldn't handle and get quickly under control. Yesterday evening was a perfect day at camp. No humidity, and very comfortable temperatures. 281 scouts participated in shotgun and rifle shooting, paintball piccaso, open swim and archery.  The highlight was Ben M. and Alex S. coming to camp. Ben brought homemade cookies for everyone, and diligently worked with the new scouts on tenderfoot and second class requirements.

Lakeview campsite is the best site at camp with great shade and overlooks the lake which makes easy fishing access and a cool evening breeze. Tonight everyone is looking forward to eating dinner in the campsite. I'm getting good reports back about most of the merit badge classes, and there were a lot of smiling faces today.

Summer Camp Day Two

Another great day at Camp Friedlander!  All were tired Monday evening and most were asleep by 10:30 last night... a big improvement from the previous night.  We noticed the racoons apreciated the earlier bedtime as they moved into camp much earlier looking for any food left out (we successfuly disapointed them).  We awoke to very cool conditions this morning- something that will be missed later this week!  A few highlights  -Hayden did a fantastic song for the troop this morning after loosing an item, some singing and dancing talent not noticed before:)  -Corey caught a nice bass Tuesday evening (pic below)  -We had our troop picture taken after lunch today, i think you will agree that we are the best looking troop at camp!  -Some good advancement is occuring, and we are expecting a lot more tonight after dinner.  I heard that some care packages have arrived at camp- the troop says thank you!  Some selected pictures since the post yesterday are below.