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Court of Honor Summer 2015

This Sunday was our troop's annual Spring Court of Honor at Moundview Park, located in Newtown. It started off at around 5:00 when cars started to pull in the grass parking lot. These cars carried two things. Scouts (Fully dressed in class A) and FOOD. (Oh, and the wonderful parents who made the food). Then we got the show on the road.

 It started off with a welcoming by our SPL, Seamus G. That was followed by the presentation of the flags, and the pledge. After a prayer by Logan S,  my personal favorite part of the event came. WE GOT FREE FOOD!!. (You all probably saw that coming.). After that rat race was over, we all settled down for the presentations.

 First came the Recognition of Advancement. This recognized the Scouts who had advanced in ranks, and the scouts who had earned merit badges. Then we had some special presentations, some for adults, some for the Scouts. After that, we moved on to the most important part of the night.(No, its sadly not more free food.  The Inducti…