Friday, June 28, 2013

Last Day- Summer Camp 2013

The adult leaders started the last day of camp confused.  We awoke to the senior patrol leader calling for the troop to "fall in".  It was 6:15 in the morning...instead of the usual 7:30.  The scout leaders decided to get up early to clean up camp.  We sorted though all personal items under the shelter and matched them with the owner.  4 sweeps of camp yielded a full trash bag and a clean camp.

Last night was a very successful night.  No visible homesickness and many scoutmaster conferences and requirement testing.  There is a rush to finish up remaining requirements to rank up in time for tonight's boards of review.  Many scouts also found time to go to the climbing wall, swimming, jumping on the blog, or attending open shooting at the range... and of course the always popular trading post for a slushie and a card game.

Some pictures from the past 24 hours:

Friday Flags at Lakeview

Troop service project- clearing brush near the shower house

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A storm rolled in yesterday evening.  Max and Andrew accounted for everyone in the troop, we tied down the tents and sheltered at the campsite until the wind and lightening passed.  It rained all evening and most of the night, but the rain and storms didn't stop Troop 281 from participating in troop competitions, having a campfire, and working on advancement.  We have had the usual homesickness, but nothing we couldn't handle.  Our first year scouts have had a fabulous week... lots of smiles and excitement.  The scouts thank you for the mail, cookies and snacks. Tomorrow is already our last day at camp.  Most agree that the week went very fast.  Lots of scouts were talking about finishing a rank advancement today.  Should be a great one!!

Right Canoe: SM water ski- Ken Wilson in water.  Eric and Alexander in the canoe.

 Josh working on Second Class at camp

The Troop huddled under the shelter before Wednesday's storm.


Troop Picture at chapel

Shade on a Hot Muggy Afternoon

Peter and Austin at Trailblazer

Eric and Brendan at Trailblazer

Cafeteria Food - Not bad!

Donovan finishing Trailblazer

Lakeview - 7:00 Flag raising

The Eagles- ready for Merit Badge Classes

Opening Campfire

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2013 Summer Camp-

Sorry for the late post.  We have had trouble with the technology to post updates.  We have had a great week so far.  Record number of scouts attending summer camp from our Troop... 49 scouts!  The Shark Patrol is camping in troop tents at the top of the campsite by the troop trailer.  Everyone else is camping in the traditional canvas platform tents.  On the first day we had several scouts attend a "drop add" session where there was opportunity to drop a merit badge and add another if the class had capacity.  All six troop 281 scouts that went were successful in switching to what they wanted!  

Lakeview campsite is awesome.  We have a nice cool lake breeze and access to the lake for fishing at night. Lots of requirements have been signed off on both Monday and Tuesday evenings.  We have had 3 scoutmaster conferences so far with many more expected in the coming days.  We have been awoken every morning by a highly annoying but effective method of banging trash can lids together (Max) at 6:30 AM.  We gather around the campsite flagpole at 7:00 for flag raising and troop announcements.  The troop has made it to the dining hall for breakfast on time or early every morning this week- which has never happened in the years i've been with the troop.  After the 8:00 breakfast at the dining hall everyone goes to merit badge classes.  We gather together at noon for lunch and then have a little down time before the afternoon merit badges start at 2:00.  Dinner is at 6:00, and everyone is in their Class A uniforms.  Our group is large and very sharp!  After dinner, there are popular activities like rifle shooting, swimming, boating, archery, cornhole, etc. and fishing, requirement work, and a campfire at our campsite.  On Tuesday, Eric and Alexander talked Mr. Wilson into participating in SM waterski which consisted of dragging him across the lake behind a canoe.  

A few camp notes- There is a scout Troop from Israel at camp this week.  We fly their flag with the American Flag at the dining hall flag ceremony each day (picture below).  We started on Sunday with some drama that you may hear about- an accident  unrelated to scouts and off our campground resulted in using the safe landing field in front of the dining hall to land a UC Health medi-vac helicopter while we were eating dinner.  As you can imagine, a helicopter landing by the dining hall was impossible to ignore.  We stayed in the dining hall and sang songs until everything cleared out of camp.

We will try to post additional pictures and updates during the week.
Troop 281 Color Guard at Camp-Wide Flags on Wed.
Troop 281 Color Guard- American and Israeli Flags
Michael by the large pile of firewood.. splitting yard in the background.
Working on Tenderfoot Requirements.
Brendan demonstrating two half hitches knot.
Corey with his Bass
Breakfast Line
Card Game
Mr. Smotherman begging for left over b-fast sausage

Monday, June 10, 2013

June Service Project

    Here is the report on the June Service Project:

At the service project we made a planters box for an old person’s home on Beechmont. We took large wooden poles and used saws to cut them, then we put them together in a log cabin style. After we assembled one row we would drive spikes into the poles with a mallet. The planter box was 4x8x3 feet.

    The scouts who were there were Matt, John, Brian, Andrew, Michael, Brent, and Peter. The adults who were there were Mr. Black, Mr. Mays, and Mr. Lefkowitz.-Courtesy of John M.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Court Of Honor

This Court of Honor we had great weather and greater advancements. Alex stepped down from Senior Patrol Leader after two years of dedicated service and Ben stepped up to lead us for the coming year. We then awarded ranks to many people. Not so much for merit badges, but still something. We also swore in Mr.Mays as another Assistant Scoutmaster. (Known to adults as moose head) Then we closed up this year and began looking forward to the next.-Nate S. Historian