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The Gauntlet

This scout meeting the skill session was supposed to be about flag etiquette. The SPL, Alex R. who was going to lead the skill session had a car crash, was in the hospital.*

The patrol leaders decided to have game night instead. We played gauntlet and soccer. Gauntlet is this totally awesome game where there are two people, one on each side of the gym, throwing dodge balls at you as you run in between them. If you are one of the last two people to get hit, you are the next thrower.

Joe S. Historian

[*While serious, Alex was released that evening and will make a full recovery. Ed.]

2011: A new year of Adventure!

With winter break having ended and everybody going back to work, school, or whatever it is that they do during most of the week, life was starting to settle back down from the holiday hubub. That also meant that Troop 281 would start meeting up again and begin the usual Tuesday schedule of first doing troop business and scout-related activities, then secondly playing dodgeball.

The meeting started out like normally but with some special guests: Cub Scouts who were attending a troop meeting to see if they wanted to come to this troop once they get their Arrow of Light. After the usual repeated sayings of the Pledge, Scout Law, and Scout Oath, there was a lot of business to cover because of the missed Tuesdays during the holiday break.

After the mountain of announcements, news, and what-have-you was dealt with, SPL Alex had the scouts form a semi-circle of benches so that he could lead the night's skill session. The visiting Cub Scouts were called out of the session early while the re…