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Troop Meeting for 11/17/15

Last week we had a dutch oven cook off. Two patrols participated, and my patrol, the Scorpions, was one of them. The rest of the patrols played dodge ball. I also heard that they planned for Feast Fest (the upcoming campout). My patrol made donuts, which turned out to be funnel cake balls. We then Americafied (my term for drowning them in powdered sugar) them and ate them. Let me tell you, there are good things and bad things about making donuts in a dutch oven; A good thing is you get donuts, a bad thing is the oil. I put in way too much oil, and that was bad. We had to wait at least 20 minutes for the oil to cool down, and then we could pour it into a tin and get rid of it. The other patrol in the cook off was the Serpents. After we were done with all of the baking and the cleaning the troop circled up and we went home.