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Shooting Campout

This campout started out great. Warm 76 degrees, sunny, and DRY. We met at the lockup just as we always do, but the scouts were joyed with the good weather. While some were finishing their dinner, others were loading chest full of ice and getting ready to load the trailer. Thanks to Bryan Creelman, we made quick work of loading the trailer and a few other vehicles. We then departed for camp Friedlander, where campsite Kroger was awaiting out arrival. We setup camp, some in tents and others in the two cabins that were in Kroger. That night there was an opening meeting that we attended to kickoff the official campout. There were 8 or 9 troops in attendance at the camporee. After the meeting we went back to camp and we went to bed, only to wake up to a beautiful morning. It was around 70 degrees, semi-cloudy, but a storm was brewing. We then shot BB gun, Slingshot with Lima beans, archery, 3D archery at fake animal decoys in the woods by the archery range, .22 rifle, 20 gauge shotgun, pa…

Troop Meeting Easter Egg Hunt

This past Tuesday was our first ever Easter egg hunt. While it was a chaotic dash for eggs all over the church, it was a ton of fun and the scouts thoroughly enjoyed it.They were going upstairs, downstairs, left and right. The eggs were EVERYWHERE! Great job to all of the scouts who hid the eggs, they did a fantastic job!! We would also like to thank all scouts who brought in candy and eggs, it made this egg hunt work. Until next time, thank you for reading.

Hunter Melton Troop Historian