Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Campout: Tobogganing and Cross-country skiing

The drive up was 4 hours long. It was windy and snowy. The trip was also filled with things like pull overs, break downs,  and cell phone towers whose lights all flashed at the same time (we found out on the way back that it was a huge wind farm). When we got to Pokagon State Park, there was waist-high snow on the paths to our cabins. Luckily, the rangers came out to plow and shovel the next morning. It was... an interesting night. 

On Saturday, we woke up early. The Eagles set up tables and chairs and got to work on breakfast. After the meal, the troop went tobogganing for a while. Everyone had fun, whether they tobogganed the whole time, sat inside eating Klondike Bars, or warmed themselves by the campfire and played in the snow. We then went back to camp for lunch, which was prepared by the Dragons. After carrying huge sleds up 1/4 mile hills, sandwiches had never tasted so good! After we finished stuffing our faces, we got in the cars to go to the skiing area. There, we went on a mile long cross-country ski trail. The troop spent about 2 hours skiing. There were falls, unintended ski detachments, and some complete wipeouts, but everyone had a good time. We ate a big dinner prepared by the Serpents. They made subs. Subway style. They made them right in front of everyone, following instructions on what to use. We then simply enjoyed the rest of the evening. 

On Sunday, everybody was very busy. We had to eat a quick, no-plates, cups, or silverware breakfast (made by the newly merged Phoenix/Badger patrol). After we packed, cleaned, inspected, and loaded up, we were on our way back to Ohio. 

Fortunately, everyone survived the subzero temperatures and 2 foot snow. We all couldn't feel our hands at some point, but our limbs all stayed intact (phew! What a relief!). All in all, the campout was fun, and was a good choice.

-Alexander S., Troop Historian