The Great Video Game Wars (a.k.a. Game Night)

The Historian as a gamer
At the most recent Troop 281 meeting, Boards of Review were held for those eligible for the next scout rank, but since only a few scouts were able to participate in a Board of Review, something had to be done for all the other scouts who were attending the meeting. Thus the reason the last meeting was a “Game Night” meeting, or in other words where there is no real objective other than to have fun, a goal which could be reached through several means.

Set up at a few different spots were televisions hooked up to several different video game consoles (a Wii, an Xbox 360, a Gamecube, and another Xbox) where a few scouts could play together in any of the games brought for said consoles. For those who didn’t want to or were waiting to play the video games, there were other non-electronic games, too. Several scouts played basketball and others engaged in various card games. As the night went on, the scouts who had Boards of Review were pulled out periodically, later returning to re-engage in the activities.

Due to it being just a “fun” night, the meeting was cut short to end around 8:45 instead of the usual 9:00, so while the games started slowing down 5 minutes before the meeting’s scheduled end time, the final game to be turned off was “Guitar Hero” due to the fierce matchup of Ben M. against Bret C., both guitarists so evenly matched that they simply could not defeat their opponent. As the troop circled up, a good few scouts having lost the ability to feel their thumbs by that point apparently, Dr. Reynolds told a quick story of being woken up by the actions of a beaver back on the
Survivor campout before all in attendance clapped their hands in unison and left for home.
"All thumbs"

Ben Hallenbeck, Troop Historian


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